January 2012

A Brain Exercise a Day keeps the Alzheimer's Away.

My father died of Alzheimer's almost five years ago. When you lose someone with Alzheimer's disease, you lose them twice -- first when they start experiencing a decline in cognitive skills and recognition and secondly when they actually pass away.

My mom fortunately remains in good health and we are adamant about keeping her brain challenged so that she will never suffer his fate. To that end, I bought her a crossword puzzle book last year and a portable keyboard so she could revive her piano skills and learn to play some new songs.

An article I read this week confirming that brain exercise can be a deterrent to Alzheimer's ensures me my family is on the right track.

If you know and love an elderly person who might be endanger of Alzheimer's, here are some things you can do to help them get the brain exercise they need:

Become a Fat Head -- Your Brain Will Thank You.

Foods with "good" fats make you smarter and more efficient.

Eating foods devoid of nutrients and high in sugar can create a brain fog, making it hard for people to concentrate, execute professional tasks, and remember things.

To resolve this condition, try eating some fat! No, don't eat butter-laden treats or Big Macs. Consider good fats proven to repair brain cells and boost the functioning level of your brain. Here are two recommendations below.