March 2012

Good Intentions Make Life Better Lived

So says a series of new studies that point to life just being a little easier when we're coming from a good place.

We all know people that seem to assume the worst in everything; whining, complaining, dark clouds over a half-empty glass types of people. Aside from the obvious quality-of-life drawbacks in approaching the world this way, science shows that it does actually have tangible effects on the way that their bodies experience the world. On the other hand, the science supports that people with good intentions and positive attitudes, likewise, have a generally better experience in the world.

As reported in the Atlantic, a series of studies by a University of Maryland psychologist set to show empirically that have good intentions leads to more positive results. The findings? Food tastes better, pain hurts less, and pleasure is more pleasurable when one has a positive mindset. And what’s even more is that the perception of good intentions can have the same kinds of payoffs.