June 2019

Grateful Dead Fashion

Many people are talking about the influence of the Grateful Dead on fashion in general, and this piece tackles that topic quite well. But what I want to know is how your experiences with the Grateful Dead have  influenced your own fashion style! Whether you've incorporated more tie-dye into your attired, you've implemented Dead logos onto your clothing and accessories or just modeled the band in your own casual groove, you've probably been influenced more than you think.

Final Stranger Things Season 3 Trailer

Will anyone else be binging Netflix on the fourth of July, or just me? Netflix released their final trailer for season three and it's a doozy. Some people were predicting that a certain person would become a baddie, and they were right; and the monster who's attacking this season might be a surprise for some, but it seems like a logical procession from the previous season to me. 


Moms are pretty much on duty 24/7. I should know; I am one, and I filled in for my mom while she worked when I was a kid. There's a big difference between the two, but the heavy feeling of responsibility is there in both cases. Moms, however, don't get days off, whether they're sick or not, and psychologists say it's important for them to take mom-cations, or vacations away from parenting.

Novelty Teas

Do you love cephalopods? Do you love them so much that you'd drink them? These adorable tea bags transform your tea drinking experience into something entirely new by creating an aquarium in your cup! Ocean Teabag has a bunch of cute critter-shaped teabags to make your cup ito something completely different, from raccoons to octopus teas. 

Medi Teddy

In high school, we used to collect bears to deliver to kids in hospitals. It never seemed like much to give the kids, but what could you really get them to help them feel like they weren't in the hospital anymore? It turns out that a little girl in the hospital, Ella Casano, had a much better idea: to use teddy bears to hide IV bags and make them less scary for kids. 

Macrolampis palaciosi

Synchronous fireflies have facinated me ever since I heard of the creatures, and I've entered the lottery to attempt to see the ones in Kentucky without any luck. The Smoky Mountains fireflies are available to see in just a couple of weekends to the lucky few who win the lottery at the park to get spots for a front row show, but I didn't even think about other places you can see them light up!

The Honey Hole

After skipping lunch and breakfast today, boy am I craving a sandwich from the Honey Hole! In-house roated turkey breast, thinly-sliced roast beef, grilled flank steak... I could really go for just about any sandwich on the menu right now! All of their meats are made from scratch, roasted in house and exceptional. They're all locally sourced, of course, but if you're vegetarian or vegan, they have options for you, too, and they're not just salads. They have gluten free sandwiches, veggie bacon and chicken, and all kinds of options.

Frogs to Meet Before Their Extinction

As more frog species die out, we have fewer chances of seeing these incredible creatures before they're gone for good. Nat Geo has a great video featuring some of the frogs that you'll want to take a look at before they're gone for good, mostly due to the chytrid fungus that's resulting in a mass extinction of frogs worldwide. It's not really a great video, is it?

Facebook Mods Have It Rough

I'm in a lot of Leftbook groups, and we're always reading about some of our mods getting banned for doxxing people for bad behavior, or for "innapropriate content" that's not nearly as inappropriate as a lot of content that we see, and we tend to think of the Facebook Mods as these snotty little incels in their parents' basements, making these poor calls out of revenge on women.

First Native American Poet Laureate

It's always shocking when we hear about the first Native American to serve in Congress and similar stories, especially since we are talking about people whose cultures and ancestors existed long before the current institutions attempted to replace them. News about Joy Harjo being named as the first Native American Poet Laureate is certainly welcome! 

Genetic Ownership

Does it ever feel like Congress wants anything good for the American people? There are so many partisan bills and laws that seem to be designed to keep the poor poor, the disenfranchised disenfranchised and the rich rich. I can't be alone in feeling so overwhelmed by the daily news cycle, without even watching news programs, that sometimes it makes me sick to my stomach. 

The Coffee Poops

As a huge coffee lover, I think I'd still drink my magical energy juice even if it made me sprout green nose hair. It's delicious and one of the things I most look forward to each day. But like many people, sometimes coffee gives me the urge to go to the bathroom, which just seems weird. Why does coffee give people the poops so often?

Adorable Slippers Make Cat Paws Out Of Your Feet

While I'd never advocate for putting actual cats on your feet, these cute cat shoes are pretty irresistible! They are shaped like cats, and while they're not fluffy or furry like some slippers, they look like they'd be great flip flops for the beach or general summer life. Then again, you could always try buying a cheap pair of your own that are too big and cutting them into these shapes--or even using Sharpies to decorate them the specific way you want them to look.